See feedback and testimonials from our happy students who are now safely driving on our roads.

Patrick D

"Graham was friendly and encouraging. He explained things in a way that was easy to understand, especially reverse parking." - Patrick D.


"Thank you for everything you taught me and helped me to get my license. Great car to drive really smooth and easy to get used to! Graham was the best, good conversation and even better teaching skills. Thank you." - Rhys.

Claude A

"Throughout all my lessons, Graham was consistently helpful and polite in his approach to teaching me the key concepts of safe driving. I felt at ease to ask him any questions I was unsure of, and knew that I would always receive an answer well explained and easy to understand. I felt confident in sitting my practical driving exam, and would not have passed if it wasn’t for Graham and his awesome teaching methods." - Claude A.

Lydia M

"Graham really helped with my driving the moments leading up to my driving test. I highly recommend him. He made driving less stressful and easier for me. Very lovely and patient man. Thank you so much." - Lydia M.

"Very good driving instructor, I learnt a lot during the few lessons I had. Would highly recommend and definitely would not have got my P’s without them." - Michael.

Toyota Corolla

"I had 2 lessons with a very helpful and friendly instructor. Passed my driving test first attempt 1 week later. Thank you for all your help." - Gankanit S.

Olivia F

"I am so grateful for everything Graham has taught me! Without him I would never have been able to pass my driving test and it is his advice that has led me to feel confident while on the road :)" - Olivia F.

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