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See feedback and testimonials from our happy students who are now safely driving on our roads.

"Graham from Driver Survivor School was an excellent instructor. He kept things very simple and easy, and his instructions were always clear. He was always very calm and took time to explain things, even drawing diagrams to help you see where you went wrong and how you can improve. I’d confidently recommend Driver Survivor School to anyone looking to pass their P’s test."
- Joseph A.

"Driver Survivor School was highly recommended to me by a close friend. My instructor, Graham, was very patient and ensured I was well prepared for my driving test. I now feel safe and confident driving solo and will definitely be recommending this driving school to friends and family."
- Barbara M.

"Graham was a great, positive and thorough instructor. He was encouraging during all driving lessons, answering all my questions clearly, vividly recognising my driving errors, and providing efficient feedback to improve my driving. I would recommend him for anyone looking to past their test first go!"
- Zara W (pictured with her brother who also passed his test)

"Hey I really recommend Graham, he reached me a fair bit in the 3 lessons I had him which caused me to pass first go. I am super happy now I’m finally on the road and no more mummy or daddy having to drop me to and from places ( work, friends houses etc )."
- Mitch B.

"A massive thank you to Graham for helping me pass on my first attempt. I found him to be an excellent instructor, very patient and professional. He made the whole process enjoyable. He made me feel comfortable and calmed my nerves for the exam. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take driving lessons!!"
- Tiana

"Wouldn't have been able to have done it without the skills and training I was taught here, I had so much more to learn and in such a short amount of time I was given the opportunity to have Graham take me on and provide me with the best teachings and confidence to get me through the next stages. Even through my nerves and anxiety I was able to pass on my 1st Go! I'll be more than sure to always recommend this service anyone I see who needs help or to any Learner, 10/10 Would not have it any other way! Thank you!"
- Corey S.

"James was happy with the instructions given to him. He was able to learn the correct road rules that mum and dad sometimes forget. He was taught correct way to reverse park. Instructor instilled confidence in him which enabled him to complete his test and pass"
- James E.

Aleksandra J

"I've been driving with Graham & Driver Survivor school on and off for 2 years now and today I finally went for my test and nailed it. Graham is an awesome driving instructor, very honest and guides you through the mistakes that need to be worked on. I'm forever greatful for all his help over the years and highly recommend this driving school to anyone. Will definitely be recommending Graham and his driving school to all my family, friends and anyone in need of some driving lessons for their test. Best of the best, 10/10, thank you once again."
- Aleksandra J.

Mysha Islam

"I still recall my first lesson where I had absolutely no steering skills and I worked with Graham to make sure I had the basics right from the start. Graham has always given critical feedback so that I knew what to work on and fix those mistakes when I did driving at home. Thank you again Graham for your contribution and assisting me to pass my driving test!"
- Mysha I.

Patrick D

"Graham was friendly and encouraging. He explained things in a way that was easy to understand, especially reverse parking." - Patrick D.


"Thank you for everything you taught me and helped me to get my license. Great car to drive really smooth and easy to get used to! Graham was the best, good conversation and even better teaching skills. Thank you." - Rhys.

Driving LessonClaude A

"Throughout all my lessons, Graham was consistently helpful and polite in his approach to teaching me the key concepts of safe driving. I felt at ease to ask him any questions I was unsure of, and knew that I would always receive an answer well explained and easy to understand. I felt confident in sitting my practical driving exam, and would not have passed if it wasn’t for Graham and his awesome teaching methods." - Claude A.

Lydia M

"Graham really helped with my driving the moments leading up to my driving test. I highly recommend him. He made driving less stressful and easier for me. Very lovely and patient man. Thank you so much." - Lydia M.

"Very good driving instructor, I learnt a lot during the few lessons I had. Would highly recommend and definitely would not have got my P’s without them." - Michael.

Toyota Corolla

"I had 2 lessons with a very helpful and friendly instructor. Passed my driving test first attempt 1 week later. Thank you for all your help." - Gankanit S.

Olivia F

"I am so grateful for everything Graham has taught me! Without him I would never have been able to pass my driving test and it is his advice that has led me to feel confident while on the road :)" - Olivia F.

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