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Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

The Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is the first step in gaining your learners licence. You must pass the DKT before you will receive your learner drivers licence.

To get your learner licence you need to be 16 years of age or older. You will need to attend a Service NSW centre, prove your identity and pass the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT).

About the Driver Knowledge Test

The DKT is computer-based and consists of questions related to the road rules. You will have to answer approx 45 questions. The questions are selected at random so no two tests will be identical.

The DKT will consist of:

Ensure you read each question carefully before answering. There is no rush as the DKT is not timed.

The DKT is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

How to study for the Driver Knowledge Test

Before taking the test, you should study the Road User Handbook which is available from the NSW Gov website. There is a printable version or interactive PDF version available. Click the button below to access the Road User Handbook.

The Road User Handbook is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Practice for the Driver Knowledge Test

Service NSW provides an option to practice for the Driver Knowledge Test by downloading a PDF document which includes questions that may appear in the DKT. There is also an option to view a demonstration DKT online. Use the learners practice test with the help of a parent or friend. This will give you an indication if you are ready to sit the official DKT.

To download a copy of the test questions, go to the NSW Gov website using the button below.

You may prefer to undertake the practice test online via the app for iPhone or Android.

How much does the Driver Knowledge Test cost?

The Driver Knowledge Test will cost approx $49.00. (As of 1 December 2022). This fee is payable to Service NSW at the time you book for DKT online. Click the button below for more information.

How to book the DKT

Because places are limited, you must book for your Driver Knowledge Test. You can book your Driver Knowledge Test online via Service NSW.

You can also download and study the list of Driver Knowledge Test questions and do a practice Driver Knowledge Test. Click the button below.

There are no shortcuts to passing the test. If you don’t study the Road Users’ Handbook, you are unlikely to pass.

What do I do once I have my learner licence?

When you are issued with your learner licence you will receive a Learner Driver Log Book so that you and your supervising driver(s) can record your driving experience.

You will have to log at least 120 hours of supervised driving (which includes 20 hours of night driving) before you can attempt the Driving Test to move to a provisional licence. Night driving starts from sunset of one day and ends at sunrise on the following day.

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