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Why Us?

You will learn to drive using our Planned Driving Program which will see you learning: 

We are also able to provide Refresher courses for the Age driving test and for people who have their license but need some reassurance before venturing back out on the road.

We can pick you up from school or work and drop you home or vice versa.

Experience different road types

With so many years experience we understand how you’re feeling. We’ll be honest & assess your program according to your skills and needs.

Our first lesson together will involve some assessment. Together, we will then develop a program that will cover all driving conditions.

As part of your program we will do some Country driving, such as; down to Wollongong and return via Bulli Pass. Expressway driving is a vital part of driving in Sydney. Let’s practise safe merging, lane changes and specific rules for expressways.

Let’s head to the city via Parramatta or Victoria Roads. Get to know real Sydney traffic; one way streets, bus and transit lanes, heavy traffic, dodging taxis and when possible parking.

Driving at night-time can sometimes be a daunting concept. We will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident to be able to drive at any time of the day.

Don’t make the mistake of cancelling your lesson because it’s raining – we won’t! Where possible we encourage you to drive during wet conditions so that we can teach you safe driving practices on slippery roads and during storms.

Some people have held their license for many years but because of differing reasons, have either not driven for some time or feel nervous on the road. We can develop a program to reassure you, upgrade your skills and get you back out on the road driving with confidence.

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